December 1, 2020


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The Belgian “Black Friday” puts its own production in the spotlight

The Belgian "Black Friday" puts its own production in the spotlight

Belgian shops come into the spotlight on All Saints’ Day under the name Bel Friday. It has to be the Belgian variant on Black Friday that will ensure worldwide action at the end of November. “A nod to Black Friday, but above all an opportunity to promote Belgian retailers.”

It is not a campaign to say how difficult it is for Belgian retailers, explains one of the initiators, Dieter Struye (Colruyt Group): “After the first lockdown, we noticed that people really wanted these Belgian, local products and retailers search . Sales rose by no less than 23 percent. However, most people are not always clear about what is local and Belgian and what is not. That is why we want to put Belgian businesses in the spotlight. So it’s not a Calimero campaign to show how difficult it was. “

With the slogan “Here we can do it together”, Bel Friday wants to make it clear between October 30th and November 2nd that there is indeed a lot of Belgian pride in our stores. “Some stores have promotions, others have gifts for customers. But everywhere we mainly put the local character in the spotlight. We want to show how important Belgian companies are for social security and also create jobs. 34 branches take part, which already benefits 9,000 employees. “JBC and Zeb are taking part, but Proximus and Impermo are also on the list of participants.

Local little brother

Everything made in Belgium, except for the umbrella name Bel Friday? “In any case, we wanted to address the two parts of the country with a name and a logo, so we chose English, that’s right. At the same time, we wanted this allusion to Black Friday. We want to be the local and likeable brother of the global concept. We don’t have a profit motive, every new customer for the Belgian retail sector is profit for us, ”says Struye. The non-profit organization is also donating 100,000 euros to the Red Cross. “We thought it was important to do something to support the social fabric. That is why we are connecting the campaign with a good cause. “

The newly formed nonprofit also wants to make Bel Friday a recurring campaign. A second edition is preferably planned for spring.