October 26, 2020


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The auction house plans to open 40 Brantano stores on Monday

The auction house plans to open 40 Brantano stores on Monday

Hundreds of people come to Brantano in the hopes of getting a pair of shoes at a bargain price

Photo: BELGA

The auction house, which organizes the sale at the Brantano shoe chain, is expected to open around 40 stores on Monday. This emerges from a new update on Sunday evening. There were more than 60 on Saturday. Some stores don’t open until after noon to give employees more time to tidy up.

The start of sales with discounts of 75 percent was chaotic on Saturday. Shops drew crowds and in some places police had to intervene.

In order to avoid future problems, the organizing auction house Moyersoen will install additional cash registers and employ as many additional employees as possible, says marketing manager Jeroen Van Daele. The auction house said it had “constructive” discussions with mayors, who indicated that things should be done differently.

Moyersoen expects the sale to take a few more weeks. “Although the sales on Saturday were fantastic, we can see that many stores still have a lot in store. We will also try to move the inventory of stores that can no longer be opened. “

The unions called for an end to the sale. The ACV trade unionist Sven De Scheemaeker described the course of Saturday as “degoutant and scandalous”. The unions are also questioning the work of recipients looking for a buyer for the shoe chain. They announced that they would go to court with their complaints.

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