October 28, 2020


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“Test all Schiphol passengers from risk areas”

"Test all Schiphol passengers from risk areas"

MEPs stress that dozens of flights are coming into Schiphol every day from areas with negative (orange) travel advice such as Spain and the United States. You can go ahead without anyone talking to you about corona.

According to Diertens and Paternotte, Schiphol is “a cheese with holes” compared to Germany and France. “There it was decided in July to test every traveler with a corona fire immediately after their arrival. Makes sense. You are in control of what you eat, you can properly inform travelers and you also make it clear that things are not going as usual here. “

A test road has now also been set up in Schiphol, on which passengers can be tested voluntarily. However, the test road will be closed at eight in the evening, long before the big wave flights arrive from Spain. “The virus does not adhere to the opening times, but the test street in Schiphol does.”

Rural capacity
Diertens and Paternotte point out that Germany quickly set up a nationwide test guideline for all travelers from risk areas. “The Netherlands, which now only has one test for every tenth traveler, must quickly provide national capacities. Also consider the use of rapid tests. “As long as there is no vaccine, many tests are the basis for safe flying, according to MPs.

Incidentally, the GGD has not yet set up any test roads at the Dutch regional airports – where flights from risk areas also arrive.