January 22, 2021


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Ten new jumbo stores for our country

Ten new jumbo stores for our country

The Dutch supermarket group Jumbo wants to more than double its presence in Belgium this year. There are currently eight stores in our country, and in 2021 there should be “about ten,” the group announced on Monday.

Jumbo landed in Belgium in November 2019. Last year, “sales remained strong despite a certain delay in opening new stores due to the corona pandemic,” Jumbo said. The group initially aimed to have twelve to fifteen branches in Belgium by the end of 2020.

The ambition remains to grow to a hundred Belgian stores in the long term, Jumbo previously confirmed.

Sales of the entire Jumbo brand (with a total of 687 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium) rose 15 percent last year to almost 9.7 billion euros, partly due to the massive pounding of groceries during the corona crisis. Jumbo expects to reach 10 billion euros this year.

Online sales via Jumbo.com rose by more than 50 percent and exceeded the 500 million euro mark.