January 15, 2021


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Ten men. Nine months. 325 billion richer.

Ten men. Nine months. 325 billion richer.

The ten richest people in the world increased their considerable wealth by more than 325 billion (!) Euros during the coronavirus. That’s what The Guardian writes. Thanks to the companies that have benefited from lockdowns and financial crises … “The profits of these people are so immense that they can easily bear all the stresses of the pandemic and are not even a cent poorer than they were before the crisis broke out,” it says. outraged by the NGO that made the sum. “This proves without a doubt that the current global economic system is not working,” said Oxfam.

Ten incredibly rich men. Nine months. Another 450 billion dollars (approx. 325 billion euros) in the bank account. This is the hallucinatory sum that the American NGO “Americans for Tax Justice …