October 31, 2020


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“Tax breaks for everyone and bonuses for health workers”

"Tax breaks for everyone and bonuses for health workers"

Photo: ANP

The cabinet wants to introduce a tax cut for next year so that people have more in their wallets. In addition, the health workers will receive a new bonus of 500 euros next year in connection with the additional efforts due to the corona crisis. Insiders confirm relevant reports from De kup.

The tax relief is due to a lower income tax rate in the first class and an increase in the employee’s tax credit. The profit tax reduction will not apply to large companies, but to smaller entrepreneurs with a profit of up to 4 tons. For these companies, the tax will rise from 16.5 to 15 percent.

Healthcare workers will not receive a structural wage increase, which is particularly demanded by the opposition. There is too little support in the coalition for this. It will be a net bonus of € 500, half the amount healthcare workers will receive this year. In addition, the Ministry of Health will be looking for space in its own budget to do something about work and regulatory pressures in the healthcare sector.

The relief on mortgage rates remains unaffected, sources report. The VVD in particular had insisted.