January 22, 2021


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Support restored after messages from mother | money

Support restored after messages from mother | money

During a home visit to the woman, a social worker “to his surprise” saw mainly Albert Heijn’s products, according to a lawsuit before the court in Utrecht. There the woman complained about the chargeback.

At the service, the woman openly admitted that she was structurally supported by her mother. “Every week my mother gives me some groceries, two breads, three sacks of lettuce, a box with eight pieces of meat, two boxes of eggs, toilet paper and coffee. Once a week I get a bag with groceries, ”the woman told the service.

She says she wouldn’t make ends meet without these messages: “I hardly spend any money on food myself. I think a maximum of 10 € per week. I spend almost all of my benefits on fixed costs. “

She has to repay € 7,040 from the municipality in excess support that she received between 2015 and 2018. The court ruled that the woman must actually repay this amount because the food was a financial contribution. These donations must therefore be deducted from the service.


Politicians in The Hague received outraged reactions to the news that the woman had to repay thousands of euros in welfare payments because of the donated news.

SP party leader Lilian Marijektiven and her party colleague Peter Kwint write on Twitter that the government has drowned in the desire for regulation. PVV boss Geert Wilders writes on Twitter that the government has learned “nothing at all” from the benefit issue, where parents had to repay large amounts after minor missteps or mistakes in childcare.

“Not everything that is right is easy”

The repayment of social assistance after receiving donations is a national problem. The councilor for the social area of ​​the municipality of Wijdemeren, Rosalie van Rijn, said this on Tuesday on kup Radio 1 Journal after all the excitement.

Van Rijn (CDA) says the municipality acted according to the law. According to her, the problem is not with the churches, it is much bigger. “There are hundreds of similar cases in the Netherlands.” She hopes the government and House of Representatives will take the opportunity to review the rules. “It is great that parliamentary questions are being asked now and that they are being given attention. Municipalities and residents have been against it for some time. “

Municipalities are required to reclaim money when welfare recipients have received structural gifts or have received money for work. “The judge also said that we acted according to the law, but not everything that is legal is fair,” said the city council. Van Rijn has agreed to review this individual case.

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