January 21, 2021


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Supermarkets reached their energy target years earlier

Supermarkets reached their energy target years earlier

Photo: ANP

Last year, the Dutch supermarkets achieved their energy-saving target by the end of this year. Compared to 2010, the stores used 22 percent less electricity last year, while aiming for 20 percent savings in 2020, reports the Central Bureau for Food Trade (CBL).

The CBL expects the supermarkets to become more energy efficient again this year. Energy was saved, among other things, by purchasing sustainable electricity and installing doors on refrigeration units in the shops. The use of natural refrigerants, the substances in cooling and freezing systems that help maintain the temperature, also saved a lot of CO2.

Compared to 1995 the saving is 41.6 percent. The CBL assumes that the supermarket sector will achieve savings of 59 percent compared to the reference year by 2025. The cabinet has set a savings target of 49 percent for 2030 compared to 1995.