January 16, 2021


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Studio 100 will definitely reopen the pop-up theater from November 3rd … (domestic)

Studio 100 will definitely reopen the pop-up theater from November 3rd ... (domestic)

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/ Breendonk / Liezele / Puurs-Sint-Amands / Ruisbroek –

Studio 100 wants to perform spectacular musicals again in its pop-up theater in Puurs from November 3rd. The performances will be staged for a more limited audience and the production will be adapted to the necessary precautions regarding the corona virus. First the performances of “40-45” are resumed, “Daens” will follow later.

Despite the adjustments, Studio 100 promises that the artistic concept and quality of the productions will not be compromised. The visitors are received in eight streams of 150 people, a traffic plan with separate entrances and exits has been drawn up, a free space is left between the bubbles and a mouth mask is mandatory. As capacity is limited, it takes a while for all ticket holders to reach their performance.

“We have had very difficult months with our company,” says Hans Bourlon, CEO of Studio 100. “Like all of our colleagues in the event space, Studio 100 has been hit hard, financially and on a human level. We are therefore very happy that our appearances can be repeated in Puurs. “

The Flemish Prime Minister responsible for culture Jan Jambon (N-VA) supports the reopening. “We have of course set strict conditions that Studio 100 must adhere to in order to be able to do this in complete safety,” he says. The reopening has already been approved by the municipality of Puurs-Sint-Amands.

All ticket holders will be contacted by the company to catch up on their show in the coming months.