January 18, 2021


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Students replace batteries with exercise companies

Students replace batteries with exercise companies

In addition to an amount of 1500 € for the further development of the technology, ZED (Zero Energy Development) can show the product at the World Exhibition in Dubai in 2021. The first product is a button that people can use to work with energy from the environment, for example movement, wind or sun.

Last year, the first prize was awarded to Csens by the University of Twente, which develops sensitive sensors to diagnose cancer faster. The start-up is currently working on a rapid corona test which, thanks to an extremely sensitive chip, can detect antibodies in throat and nose swabs and possibly also in saliva.

Living breakwater

Two student teams from each university presented their ideas during the final on Thursday. Reshore from Wageningen University was awarded the public prize for their idea of ​​a living breakwater. The floating unit not only protects the art, but also restores the underwater ecosystem and produces food. For example, the breakwater partly consists of cages with clams and oysters. They break the waves, but they can also serve as food.

In addition to the two award-winning start-ups, other innovations could be admired during the digital live event. For example, students at Wageningen University are working on a new type of vertical farming under the name FarmVent, in which herbs can be grown directly in the shop. A team from the Technical University of Delft has developed a device that measures the air quality in cities and at the same time can track down stolen vehicles. XYZ Dynamics also participated in the 4TU Impact Challenge. They are developing an electric drive train to make hybrid vehicles easier and cheaper to drive.