October 23, 2020


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Students in action against “ridiculous” room rates

Students in action against "ridiculous" room rates

Photo: ANP

Students from the National Student Union LSVb and FNV Young & United will fight “ridiculously high rents for student rooms” in five student cities next week. According to the activists, 400 euros per month is a reasonable price for a student room, but a rent of 600 euros is quite normal. In some cities, prices from 700 euros per month are no exception, says Lyle Muns from LSVb.

According to Muns, there is a shortage of around 40,000 housing units for students in the Netherlands. As a result, private landlords and slum landlords can raise prices tremendously. One solution could be for each student to receive housing allowance for living indoors. Another alternative is to reintroduce the basic grant. “We want the students to be able to graduate out of debt. It is bizarre that in order to live, students have to build a huge student debt that they will have to pay off over the next 35 years. This is how slum landlords are sponsored. “

The action week begins on Monday in Wageningen, where tents are set up in the market. A sign next to the tents shows how much a room with the same square footage costs. Next Thursday, students in Nijmegen will build their own houses at Plein 44. There are also promotions in Groningen, Utrecht and Amsterdam.