February 24, 2021


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Stricter corona rules in regional taxis

Stricter corona rules in regional taxis

Photo: ANP

Those who want to take the regional taxi must comply with stricter corona measures from February 8th. Travelers must wear a surgical mouth mask (Type II or Type IIR). A passenger who does not do this will not be taken. By the way, the driver always wears a mouth mask.

The maximum number of passengers is also reduced. Only one seat may be occupied per bench or row of seats – sitting in front next to the driver is no longer possible. Passengers are not allowed to sit directly behind one another or directly behind the driver.

When booking the regional taxi, the operator asks whether the caller has corona complaints. In addition, travelers should hop on and off themselves and buckle up if possible, but the driver can help.

The organization is currently asking people to only use the regional taxi for necessary journeys.

Regiotaxi, also known as Wmo-Transport, is intended for people who have difficulties using regular public transport, for example because they have difficulty walking or are in a wheelchair. Sometimes the ride is shared with others.