August 4, 2021


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“Stocks best alternative to low interest rates” | Financially

Most of the visitors (more than 65%) of the 1Vermogensbeheer webinar on on Thursday agreed. Despite high returns, for example for an alternative such as crypto coins.

While many investment alternatives can sometimes produce decent returns, they prove to be risky. “You can lose everything,” said Jim Tehupuring, one of the asset manager’s investment specialists, of an alternative to crypto coins.

Stefaan Casteleyn and Jim Tehupuring from 1Vermogensbeheer.

Stefaan Casteleyn and Jim Tehupuring from 1Vermogensbeheer.

But consumers are on. Banks hardly pay interest any more, and investors even have to put money into large amounts. In addition, inflation is causing people to lose their net income.

Although the Dutch save money every year when they save, this inflation also increases the total amount in the savings bank to 400 billion euros.

Variation within the stocks

Stocks may be a bit expensive, but within which, according to Tehupuring and Stefaan Casteleyn, 1Vermogensbeheer can pick up the good companies with some homework. A stock return of 8% can be achieved over several years.

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