February 24, 2021


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Stock exchange tax raises record amount – Het kup

Stock exchange tax raises record amount - Het kup

Investors paid more than 3.8 billion euros withholding tax, stock exchange tax and securities tax in 2020. The stock exchange tax rate of return rose sharply, by no less than 40 percent, De Tijd and De Standaard reported on Tuesday. However, total sales decreased compared to 2019.

The rediscovery of the stock market during blocked periods increased the return on stock exchange tax by 40 percent to a record high of 408 million, according to the federal tax authorities. That’s more than the previous high point in 2000 when the tech stock bubble burst.

The treasury received less money from withholding tax. This turnover fell last year by 686 million or 17 percent to 3.4 billion euros. In particular, the withholding tax on dividends yielded less. Withholding tax on fixed-income products also yielded less. The 1.0 securities tax, which was canceled at the end of 2019, amounted to just under 30 million euros in 2020 according to preliminary figures.

Together, the stock exchange tax, the withholding tax and the securities tax brought in almost 800 million less than in 2019. However, the federal government assumes that investors will pay more taxes again in 2021, at least according to the budget.