January 18, 2021


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Space: additional support for affected entrepreneurs Financial

Space: additional support for affected entrepreneurs Financial

The “partial lockdown”, which will come into force on Wednesday evening, will cause new economic damage in the catering sector, among other things. VVD party chairman Dijkhoff is concerned about entrepreneurs. “In the spring, many entrepreneurs also had reserves, but now they are really active,” he says of the companies affected. The VVD would like the cabinet to look beyond the existing aid packages, “what more is needed”. For example, Dijkhoff is considering increasing the fixed cost allowance in the current support package.

Support package

There is a strong feeling in the House of Representatives that the third aid package, which only came into force on October 1, may need to be expanded again. “Are there any new rescue packages for the hardest hit?” D66 party chairman Jetten asks the cabinet. The CDA is a little cautious, party leader Heerma asks the cabinet to “keep up with the times” to see whether the support for the sectors concerned is still sufficient.

Two weeks ago, the House of Representatives approved the third financial assistance package, which included wage support and an allowance for fixed costs. This package runs from this month until next summer and will be phased out. The wage support was discontinued in October.


If it were up to PvdA and SP, this exit will be reversed immediately. The left-wing parties are asking the cabinet for a new support package for the hotel industry, sport and culture. These sectors have been hit hard by the measures announced on Tuesday. According to PvdA boss Asscher, this is necessary because of the government’s failed corona policy: “It has failed and has serious consequences for the health and jobs of hundreds of thousands of Dutch people.”

PVV boss Wilders advocates gastronomy and therefore asks the cabinet whether the cabinet is still ready to provide “substantial financial support for the sector”.