May 17, 2021


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SP drives out six “radicalized attic communists”

Photo: ANP

The SP has excluded six members from the party because, according to the party leaders, they wanted to take over the party and had plans for an armed civil war, reports Nieuwsuur. Those involved themselves speak of a “witch hunt” in order to nip critical noises in the bud.

The six are members of the Communist Platform and the Marxist Forum. Accordingly, these are departments within the party, but the SP regards both groups as separate political parties. “They have their own ideology, their own program, their own board of directors and their own decision-making, so it is a political party in every way,” said SP secretary Arnout Hoekstra on the program. SP members cannot be members of any other party.

The members involved are critical of a possible involvement of the SP through the SP and want an open discussion within the party. According to Hoekstra, this room does exist, but the evicted members are “radicalized attic communists”. You do not agree with the cancellation and want to challenge it at a conference in December.

Olaf Kemerink, one of the six, was a candidate for membership on the board of ROOD, the SP’s youth organization. Next Saturday, a general meeting will vote on a new board. According to critical SP members, Kemerink was expelled because he was too radical to be a board member.