January 16, 2021


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Social partners offer government social peace: “A frightening …

Social partners offer government social peace: “A frightening ...

The social partners offer Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (photo) social peace.

Photo: BELGA

For the first time in years, the social partners have succeeded in developing a common vision for the country. “This is an obligation to work with the government,” said De Tijd on Saturday.

The unions are already quite positive about the coalition agreement, the employers’ associations are less enthusiastic but give the De Croo government the benefit of the doubt for the time being. The cautious support is not illogical, says De Tijd, because the coalition agreement shows the intention to include them in politics.

The social partners now accept this outstretched hand from the Central Council for Trade and Industry (CRB), one of the advisory bodies of trade unions and employers’ associations. “A policy can only be effective if people agree to it. The social partners can provide this support, ”says CRB chairman Benoît Bayenet in De Tijd.

In the last few months the CRB has produced a report with a vision for the future for our country, which seems to be in line with the coalition agreement on many points. The social partners want to develop a new industrial strategy, they advocate the transition to a circular and more digital economy and want to focus on training and lifelong learning. At the same time, there must be a plan to restructure public finances.