January 19, 2021


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SNS closes ATMs after explosion | Financially

SNS closes ATMs after explosion | Financially

There are 40 ATMs across the country that SNS is turning off. The machines were cleared earlier in the day on Monday. The bank emphasizes that the closure of the machines does not affect the agreement that an ATM has to be located within 5 kilometers of the country. According to the SNS, customers can turn to machines from other banks.

The company had to close after five attacks on the bank’s ATMs in the past four weeks, according to the SNS. “The bank is using this to investigate how the ATM’s services and services can continue to be securely provided to customers and residents,” said SNS. It is not exactly clear how long the ATMs will be out of service.

At the beginning of this year, the parent company De Volksbank closed SNS ATMs in branches of Hema and RegioBank in Spar supermarkets. This happened after criminals blew up the facade of a Hema in Lisse.

ABN Amro shut down all ATMs in the country last year after a series of robberies. In the end, a large part was not replaced. All banks have now switched off their machines at night. Especially in cities, residents no longer want to have ATMs nearby for fear of an explosion.