January 20, 2021


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Slob: The teacher should have more say in looking after the students

Slob: The teacher should have more say in looking after the students

Photo: ANP

Teachers need to have more control over spending the money on proper education. This is what Minister Arie Slob (Education) said in an interview with NRC. He hopes that this will enable teachers to better serve students with special needs.

Last week, research showed that 75 percent of teachers are unable to help students with special needs. Still, Slob doesn’t believe proper training has failed. “No. I have new suggestions this month. I also involved the whole field, do not be alarmed. Something very nice is coming. We will address the concerns parents and teachers have in a good way, for example by giving more to teachers Give a say in spending the money on appropriate education. “

Now teachers have to turn to the so-called regional partnerships for money, which the money – more than 800 million a year for primary education – receives from the government and then distributes it to schools. According to Slob, the teachers themselves know best whether they would benefit most from, for example, a class assistant or remedial teacher or additional lesson packages because the students are struggling with dyslexia. He believes teachers should have more influence on this.

“I think teachers should be able to make more choices about the issues they face in class. Even when it comes to finances: now the decisions about it are sometimes overwhelming. Teachers also need clarity. A clear basic standard of adequate training so that they know what is required of them. “