May 17, 2021


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Shopkeepers need to step in when the mall gets too crowded NOW

Shopkeepers must intervene when shops and shopping areas are full, with the assistance of Boas or the police if necessary. In this regard, agreements have been reached between the retail trade and the cabinet, as announced on Thursday.

According to the cabinet, an additional step must be taken to keep the corona virus under control.

The retail sector appoints a private regulator to ensure that “safe shopping” measures are followed. For example, if the supervisor determines that things are not going well, they can ask Boaz for help.

The new agreements were drawn up just before the big rush began in December. According to the ministries responsible for the economy, climate, justice and security, shopkeepers and employees have worked hard to prevent the virus from spreading since the COVID-19 outbreak.

The supervision is now being tightened “in order to comply with the corona measures even more orderly”.

There are around 2,500 shopping areas in the Netherlands. These include shopping streets, shopping centers and residential boulevards.