November 29, 2020


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Several hundred demonstrate against pedophilia in Utrecht

Several hundred demonstrate against pedophilia in Utrecht

Photo: ANP

A few hundred people demonstrated against pedophilia on Sunday afternoon on the Jaarbeursplein in Utrecht. Many of them were members of motorcycle clubs. The organization repeatedly requested sufficient clearance in accordance with corona measures. Most people stuck to it. Not all protesters wore masks.

On Sunday the activists carried banners with texts like “Together against pedophilia”. If pedophilia falls under sexuality, then burying pedos falls under gardening “.

The reason for the demonstration was to re-establish the Party for Charity, Freedom and Diversity (PNVD), also known as the Pedo Party. The organization Save All Kids announced in advance that they wanted to hold a “peaceful” protest because they were “against the acceptance and normalization of pedophilia”. In addition, the group wants the PNVD no longer to exist. The party, which was re-established this summer, advocates the legalization of sex with minors, among other things. The party program also states that it no longer wants child pornography to be a criminal offense.

The organization, which says it protects children from pedophiles, wanted to protest positively. And according to one of the organizers, it succeeded. She said she was very pleased with the progress of the demonstration and the turnout. “Everything went well,” she said. The group previously demonstrated in The Hague. Then about 100 people showed up, including members of motorcycle clubs.

The police and community made sure that the demonstrators obeyed the corona rules. Save All Kids had its own ordering service, which ensured that people kept their distance and that pedestrians at the main train station were allowed free passage.