October 28, 2020


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“September will be a disaster for Brussels Airlines”

"September will be a disaster for Brussels Airlines"

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After a pretty good summer, Brussels Airlines has to reduce its capacity again due to the growing number of red corona zones. This is what Dieter Vranckx, CEO of Brussels Airlines, says in L’Echo and De Tijd.

“With a utilization of around 60 percent, July was good compared to the capacity we released,” says Vranckx. “The month of August was a little more difficult due to the changes in the color codes. But September is pretty disastrous. This is normal: passengers are concerned about the code changes a few days before departure or even at the destination, like recently in Spain and France. “

Because of the disappointing sales, Brussels Airlines had to return to its ambitions. “Six weeks ago we wanted to increase our capacity in October and November to 35 to 40 percent and later to 40 to 45 percent. (…) But today we have to reduce our capacity again because we cannot fill our planes. We are currently working at 23 percent. “

Due to the decline, Brussels Airlines is also considering other measures. “If the September level persists, we should make better use of temporary unemployment.”