January 19, 2021


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Security advice: the shopkeeper takes your responsibility

Security advice: the shopkeeper takes your responsibility

Photo: ANP

Retailers should bring out customers who refuse to wear masks. If they don’t, mayors can punish the entrepreneur or even close a deal. The Security Council, to which the mayors of the 25 security regions belong, warns of this. The obligation to mask one’s face in indoor public spaces, which begins Tuesday, was on the agenda of the weekly meeting of the 25 mayors.

The retail trade must take responsibility and follow the law, otherwise the shopkeepers will be screwed according to the mayor. “A shopkeeper decides who comes into the shop. Most of those who are rejected just walk away. If they fail, they can warn the police or the boas, ”said Mayor Hubert Bruls of Nijmegen on Monday evening after the consultation.

A number of chains have already indicated that they do not want to prevail. But the mayors insist that this is a violation. They’ll warn first, but heavy fines and closings will follow.

As of Tuesday, face masks are not only mandatory in public places like museums, shops, and theaters, but people must also wear face masks in bus and tram stops. If you don’t do this, you risk a fine of 95 euros.