January 28, 2021


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Schiphol Director: not back to the old level before 2024 or 2025 | NOW

Schiphol Director: not back to the old level before 2024 or 2025 | NOW

Dick Benschop, the CEO of Schiphol, doesn’t expect the Netherlands’ largest airport to be back to its old level before 2024 or 2025. The director said this in an interview with Saturday Het Parool.

Although corona vaccines are on the way, it will take a while before everything is back to normal, says Benschop. He expects the airport to experience the positive effects of the vaccine from the second quarter of 2021.

Government support for KLM, which accounts for half of the traffic in Schiphol, is also a boost, according to the airport director. “It is good to see that the Netherlands are helping KLM, that is crucial. Together we form a system, airlines, handling agents, companies.”

The virus also offers Schiphol a second chance. “The downturn gives us a few years of controlled recovery. With less nuisance and convincing sustainability steps. This will significantly reduce the burden on Schiphol while increasing social and economic revenue.”

A recent poll commissioned by the Cabinet found that half of the Dutch are in favor of the decline of aviation. Four years ago it was 14 percent. “This is a signal that things have to be done differently,” said the Schiphol CEO.