November 29, 2020


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“Sales in the hospitality industry are falling less quickly than after the deal in March.”

"Sales in the hospitality industry are falling less quickly than after the deal in March."

What matters is that the March catering shutdown has never happened before and came suddenly, says Van Garderen. “Then you as an entrepreneur have not only made sure that groceries can be delivered or picked up, or you have thought that this is a good idea at all. Now these ideas can be taken directly from the stable. And that is reflected in the Sales figures reflect. “

Still a drastic drop in sales

Still, according to the ING, there is no reason to be happy. “A hard hit is a hard hit even if it’s a little less intense. For the industry, this is still a drastic drop in sales that you will continue to have despite the smaller drop in sales.”

Van Garderen says the sales figures are a good first indication of the extent of the setback for the hospitality industry. “Right now there doesn’t seem to be much reason for Pin sales to go down or up: entrepreneurs have learned from the first time.”

‘Last beer effect’

The image of the Dutch celebrating and dining shortly before the new catering facility closes is confirmed by the ING figures. This shows that the day before the closure, more people went to the catering trade and in particular there were additional costs.

On average, they spent 5 euros more than usual. This makes good business sense, says Van Garderen. “Let’s call it the final beer effect: if you know you can’t go on for a while, bring that consumption forward.”