October 29, 2020


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Sale! Why are your clothes always on sale?

Sale! Why are your clothes always on sale?

As a result of the Corona crisis, a majority of the House of Representatives felt that there should be no sale temporarily, as there were fears that dumping prices would go all over the counter. Small business in particular would suffer; cannot compete with the discounts of large chains.

But the secretary of state noted that it was not legally possible to impose a ban on the sale of online shops. And so retailers were allowed to decide for themselves whether they wanted to put their items up for sale.

According to abn Amro industry expert Henk Hofstede, the sell-off is particularly important for stores, as Corona turned many stores with little or no sales. “Businesses still have overcrowded supplies. They are often trend-sensitive and not worth much after the season. Plus: The trader needs money to shop again for next season.”