December 3, 2020


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Ryanair is not ready to accept English passengers

Ryanair is not ready to accept English passengers

Basically, the measure means that the English are no longer allowed to go on vacation for four weeks from Thursday. Only journeys for essential purposes are permitted.

As long as the flight continues, no refunds will be issued unless the flight is canceled by order of the government. Then they will receive a refund. O’Leary adds that the government is free to issue refunds to affected passengers.

Passengers have the option to change the flight date for free if they so choose, O’Leary told the BBC.

It appears that other UK airlines are planning to cancel many flights. EasyJet is still examining the consequences for the flight schedule, but CEO Johan Lundgren likely cites it in a statement that many of the flights will be canceled. British Airways is still considering.