January 28, 2021


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Ryanair also orders Boeing 737 MAX

Ryanair also orders Boeing 737 MAX

The additional contract has a list value of $ 9 billion, but it’s common for airlines to get deep discounts of up to 50 percent. Ryanair says it received an additional discount as compensation for the MAX’s late delivery.

The low-cost airline is now expecting the first MAX in spring 2021. All 210 devices must be delivered by the end of 2024. The Boeings’ low fuel consumption allows Ryanair to compete even better on price.

“This will be the most controlled and regulated aircraft ever. The performance is exceptional as it offers eight additional seats per flight [dan de 737-800, red.], but still uses 16 percent less fuel and reduces noise emissions by 40 percent, ”said Ryanair.

To cram that many seats into the aircraft, the pitch (the space between seats) decreases to 28 inches. In the current fleet, this is still an average of 30 inches. Ryanair says to make up for the loss of space with very thin backrests.

Returns 737 MAX
Last month, the US and Brazilian aviation authorities lifted the flight ban on the 737 MAX. Europe will follow in January. On December 10th, the type will be used again at Gol and American Airlines at the end of December.

Ryanair predicts that airline ticket demand will return quickly during 2021 as vaccinations are almost ready to start. Therefore, the company can make good use of the additional 737 MAX.