October 28, 2020


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Rutte: Viscose regional measures limit the damage to the economy

Rutte: Viscose regional measures limit the damage to the economy

Photo: ANP

The Cabinet isn’t ruling out national measures, but corona rules are currently tightened mainly by region. Prime Minister Mark Rutte is sticking to this policy. National measures are less likely to be implemented, but are more detrimental to the economy, according to the Prime Minister.

“Yes, it is true that this is a little more viscous,” Rutte admitted in his press conference after the cabinet meeting. In it he announced measures for eight new regions after in-depth consultation with the responsible mayors. This means that 14 of the 25 safety regions are rated “Affected”.

Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb said on Thursday that the cabinet could better abandon the regional approach as the additional measures now apply to so many places. He advocates a return to “blunt general measures”.

A nationwide tightening of the measures would, however, hit the economy much harder, thought Rutte. “Then take national action, regardless of the situation in a particular region.” As a result, the restaurants, cafes and other businesses in regions where the number of infections remains low will be affected by the regulations. At the moment he does not want to start national measures, but “all options are open. We are not excluding anything ”.

According to him, the cabinet is trying to take measures that are “maximally effective” and at the same time limit the damage. “But the damage will continue to increase, for the economy, for jobs and for beautiful businesses, if our behavior requires further action. We can do that ourselves. “

Another disadvantage of regional decision-making is that, for example, people move their event to a region where the risk is lower and the measures are less stringent. “When you work regionally, you always have a waterbed effect,” says Rutte. “But the appeal to people is therefore: Don’t do that.” Everyone has to make their own contribution to the fight against the virus, said Rutte. “Your contribution is not to move your marriage.”