January 18, 2021


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Rotterdam gastronomy can keep the terrace open even in winter

Rotterdam gastronomy can keep the terrace open even in winter

Photo: ANP

Rotterdam catering companies can keep their covered winter terrace until April 1st. The patio season usually lasts until November 1st, but this has been expanded to accommodate entrepreneurs during the Corona period. “The idea is to extend the winter terraces at least until April 1st next year,” said City Councilor Said Kasmi on Thursday in the city council.

“Together with the entrepreneurs, we will examine the possibilities for roofs, accommodation and heating.” In particular, the heating must be as sustainable as possible. Since catering companies can receive fewer customers and miss out on sales due to the 1.5-meter measure, they have been able to expand their terrace in Rotterdam with decks on, for example, parking spaces in front of their café or restaurant since June 1st. The municipality provides these sustainable platforms free of charge.

Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb said earlier that not every terrace is checked as a police officer to make sure enough clearance is maintained. He denies that enforcement in Rotterdam is too strict. “It is hard to imagine that we could be more lenient because we were already lenient. After a first sighting, we have never closed a terrace. That always leads to a coaching conversation. “

An oral warning is followed by a written warning. According to Aboutaleb, they were only published two or three times across the city. “We also never close on the basis of a report. We always close in the act. “