October 30, 2020


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Room: Test street Schiphol needs more tests, open longer

Room: Test street Schiphol needs more tests, open longer

Photo: ANP

The capacity in the Corona test street in Schiphol must be increased so that all travelers from risk areas can be tested there. The opening times must also be much longer. A majority in the House of Representatives wants this. The test road can currently handle around 20 percent of travelers from orange and red areas.

Every day around 5,000 people arrive at the airport from a risk area, around a thousand of whom are tested. A parliamentary majority of D66, GroenLinks, CDA, PvdA, SP, SGP, 50PLUS and DENK consider this to be far too little. Everyone should be able to be tested. “Better yesterday than today,” says D66 MP Jan Paternotte.

He does not understand why Germany has set up enough capacity in two weeks to test all travelers from risk areas at airports and that the Netherlands is now “20 percent full”. The opening times – from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. – are also a thorn in the side of the parties. If a flight lands from a risk area, it should be possible to use the test track, they say. “A virus doesn’t stick to office hours,” says GL deputy Suzanne Kröger.

Schiphol is not the only airport where holiday flights land. According to the parties, people should also be able to get tested for corona at Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Maastricht airports.