January 19, 2021


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Room: no prohibition of intensive care for age selection with “code black” | inland

Room: no prohibition of intensive care for age selection with "code black" | inland

Under the leadership of the party leaders Detten and VVD, Jetten and Dijkhoff, the Chamber asks Van Ark to “reconsider” its plan. For Jetten, the decision about who will be in the IC or not should lie with the doctors: “It is a political decision to trust people who know best about it and deal with it every day. ”Dijkhoff, Van Ark’s party colleague, also says in the Corona debate that it is not certain whether his party will support the ban.

With her plan, Van Ark responded to the script of specialists for a “code black” in the hospitals: the gloomy scenario in which there would be so many corona patients that there would no longer be a bed for everyone in the intensive care unit. In it, doctors state that they first want to give priority to people who are likely to have to lie on the IC for a short time, then “Corona Care Workers”. According to this, doctors want younger people to be given preference over older people.

“Every life is the same”

Van Ark wants to put an end to this last consideration because “for this cabinet every life is the same”. For this reason, she is working on a ban on selecting patients by age. She feels supported by the House of Commons, which previously stated that there should be no age limit for “Code Black” access to the IC.

In the debate, Van Ark said he was “wrestling with the subject”. She said she weighed most heavily on the fact that age would determine access to care. “Fortunately, it is still a theoretical question at the moment,” says the minister. “I hope and trust that we don’t have to use this script.”