August 4, 2021


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Remarkable suggestion from the Deutsche Bank economists: “Leave your home …

Noteworthy suggestion from the Deutsche Bank economists:

Photo: Getty Images / iStockphoto

Deutsche Bank economists made a remarkable proposal in a new report: Employees who continue to work from home will have to pay an additional tax after the lockdown and use this money to support people at risk of losing their jobs.

Calling working from home a “privilege”, economists suggest that homeworkers who are not required to do so due to the pandemic should be charged an additional tax of 5 percent per day when working from home. It would be called the Working From Home Tax (WFH).

According to economists, the reason is simple: homeworkers have fewer costs and contribute less to the economy, for example because they eat less lunch outside and don’t commute. “It’s a big economic problem,” said Luke Templeman, strategist at Deutsche Bank. “Those who telework receive direct and indirect financial benefits. You have to be taxed. “

According to Templeman, the coronavirus has helped those who can do their work from home but has threatened the livelihood and health of those who cannot work from home. “We have needed a tax on home workers for years. Covid-19 just pulled us more clearly into the facts. “

According to economists, this tax would bring in 8 billion euros in the UK, 20 billion in Germany and 40 billion in the US. The money can then be used to provide income support for employees who have lost their job, are at risk of loss, or are temporarily unemployed at home because they cannot work from home.