October 29, 2020


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Regulator talks to aviation about timely return of fare

Regulator talks to aviation about timely return of fare

“Under the rules, airlines must repay within seven days. Due to the corona, the number of refund applications is so exceptionally high that it is virtually impossible to refund within this timeframe,” ILT said in a statement.

The supervisory authority will therefore hold a so-called intervention meeting with the four companies in order to agree on a reasonable payment period. ILT warns that this is not non-binding: companies that do not comply with these agreements can be fined.

At the height of the Corona crisis, airlines did not have to repay any money to prevent bankruptcy. In the meantime, we must do it again. According to ILT, Dutch companies are now complying with the rules with the expiry date.

ILT examined the repayment policy of a total of ten companies. Unlike the Dutch airlines, Lufthansa, British Airways, EasyJet, Ryanair and Delta gave their passengers the opportunity to get their money back (instead of a voucher).

The Spanish prize fighter Vueling is still under investigation. According to ILT, the airline offers the option of requesting a refund, but passenger complaints paint a different picture. There will also be an intervention meeting with Vueling.