December 4, 2020


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Record number of infections on Curaçao –

Record number of infections on Curaçao -

Photo: ANP

A record number of corona infections were recorded on Curaçao on Wednesday. There are 51 cases. Never before have so many infections been registered on the island in one day.

The government has announced that it is investigating whether there has been a specific meeting where many people have been infected. More than thirty of the new infections cannot be linked to existing cases.

315 active infections have now been registered on Curaçao. Seven people with a corona infection are in the hospital, one of them in intensive care. Since March of this year, two people infected with corona have died.

In Curaçao, the number of infections has been 300 for several weeks. 28 people recovered from infection with the Covid-19 virus yesterday. The island has had a curfew since September 14, and dance and music activities have been banned since August. In addition, people need to keep their distance as much as possible.