October 28, 2020


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“Record growth for wealth in Dutch households” | money

"Record growth for wealth in Dutch households" | money

“In contrast, debt growth fell to 1.4%.” According to Allianz, 2019 was therefore an unlikely good year for household wealth.

Dutch households rank fourth in the world in terms of wealth. This makes the Netherlands the richest country in the euro zone.

Corona crisis

Is the corona crisis throwing a wrench in the works? “In 2020 growth will be slower, but most likely still positive: even in the terrible first six months of the year, financial wealth grew relatively sharply by around 5-6%.”

The growth is partly due to people who started saving because of the crisis and partly to the Dutch government’s support programs.


“Worldwide, gross financial assets grew by 9.7% in 2019,” said Allianz. “Astonishingly,” concludes the alliance, “2019 was marked by social unrest, escalating trade disputes and an industrial recession.”