October 30, 2020


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Rabobank defrauded by millions of euros

Rabobank defrauded by millions of euros

Rabobank was defrauded for one million euros. This is reported by the Dutch regional broadcaster RTV Noord. The company suspected of fraud is Wubaro, a developer of innovative heating systems.

It had previously been revealed that a bank had complained to the police in the northern Netherlands about fraud. So now it turns out that it’s about Rabobank.

A spokesman for the Dutch bank declined to comment on the case. ‘I can’t do that because the police are still investigating. All I can say is that we have submitted a report on fraud and counterfeiting. A million euros is indeed a lot when it comes to cases like this. We don’t experience that every day.”

Police carried out raids in Groningen and Drenthe in the past week. Three cars and a motorcycle were seized. The management of the company was also taken for research.