October 27, 2020


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Quality of education under pressure: what can parents do?

Quality of education under pressure: what can parents do?

Schools will soon be fully reopening, but there is still disagreement about whether this makes sense. Without further action, the Leraren in Actie unions and the European RIVM are deeply concerned about safety. In the meantime, students and parents are equally concerned about the quality of education with interventions. As a parent, what can you do to keep your child safe?

Call to action

A survey by Teachers in Action shows that 80 percent of teachers are not happy that schools will soon be fully reopened without any action. The ECDC, the European RIVM, is also concerned that mouth masks and distance are no longer mandatory in Dutch schools. LAKS, the Landelijk Share Committee for School Childrenis particularly concerned about the students’ learning performance and social contacts and welcomes the full reopening of schools.

Arrears from homeschooling

The General Association of School Leaders estimates that 16 percent of students have deteriorated in the past few months. Meanwhile, a survey by LAKS shows that 56% of the time students think they’ve fallen behind in learning. For many parents, 16 percent or 56 percent raise at least the same question: What can I do to prevent my child from getting into this group?

Long live the tutoring

Every child needs attention and structure in learning, but for most parents it is quite complicated to suddenly become a teacher or master in addition to daily obligations and without the required skills. The associated stress and pressure is also disastrous for learning. Hiring someone is a relief for everyone involved. Jamie Schuller, Co-Founder of the Tutoring Institute Home tutoringDemand is increasing, particularly when it comes to the number of online tutors: “Since March, we have noticed that no less than half of the tutoring takes place via our online tutoring platform. This alternative, despite the dropout and limited testing, has resulted in an increase in the overall demand for tutoring. “When asked if this increases the inequality of opportunity, he replies:” Both parents and parts of politics actually sense the feeling that the tutoring market is too influential in today’s education. I understand this picture because all children deserve the same opportunity for proper education. Despite the realization that the inequality of possibilities lurks, I do everything with Bijles Aan Huis to give students from all walks of life the opportunity to receive affordable tuition. “

Learning without pressure

That doesn’t mean we can’t be involved. We may not be math wizards, but for the most part we can ride bikes, play basketball, or play cards. Alternating between studying is extremely important in keeping the brain fit and sharp. Learning through play can also work wonders. An additional advantage: Not only our children, but also we become fitter and hotter.

Make clear agreements

Of course, we want our kids to be geniuses around the clock, but deep inside we know this is not feasible. Fortunately, your children don’t have to study at the highest level non-stop to get the most of it. On the contrary, it is much more effective to work with full attention at set times and really stop when the time is up. So make clear agreements about it. This provides the structure and much-needed relaxation a child needs to stay focused.

Good support is essential

We are not all teachers and masters, that much is clear. Fortunately, we can already mean a lot by supporting the learning process wherever possible: with working WiFi, a quiet workplace, clarity, or the occasional incentive to get out of bed on time. That is manageable. Especially when we can then hand the children over to this employed teacher.