January 16, 2021


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Proximus takes over Mobile Vikings from DPG Media

Proximus takes over Mobile Vikings from DPG Media

Hans Similon, Chief Viking in 2015.

Photo: BELGA

Proximus acquires the telecommunications brands Mobile Vikings and Jim Mobile, which together have around 335,000 customers. Proximus announced that it will take over the brands for 130 million euros from the media group DPG Media. The telecommunications group promises that Mobile Vikings will have an autonomous place within the group.

Mobile Vikings will continue to function within the Proximus group, “as a separate entity, just as Scarlet and Tango – two other subsidiaries of the group – remained autonomous after their integration, with a clear positioning and a strong identity of their own,” explains a press release from Proximus. Nothing will change for the customers and the around eighty employees of Mobile Vikings.

Thanks to the takeover, the telecommunications group says: “It can address a market segment that complements the target groups of Scarlet and Proximus. In this way, Proximus can optimize its positioning in the housing market through various brands, ”it says.

Mobile Vikings, founded in 2007 and based in Hasselt, are particularly popular with young people. It ended five years ago at DPG Media when Base was taken over by Telenet. The merger of the latter two would leave only three instead of four large mobile network operators. In order to have the takeover approved by the European Commission, the base subsidiary Mobile Vikings was sold.

At the end of November, DPG Media confirmed that various tracks for Mobile Vikings and Jim Mobile had been reviewed. So now there is already a deal. The takeover has yet to be approved by the competition authorities. Proximus expects to close the transaction in 2021.