January 19, 2021


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Proximus scraps half of the office space (Brussels)

Proximus scraps half of the office space (Brussels)

Proximus may be selling its legendary twin towers in Brussels.

Photo: © Hanneke Wetzer

Brussels –

Proximus will cut its office space significantly, De Tijd reported on Friday. Of the 105,000 square meters that the Belgian telecommunications operator now occupies in the twin towers of Brussels North Station, the company intends to keep only 40,000 m² within a few years. This comes from a phone call made to the project developers this week.

CEO Guillaume Boutin announced a few weeks ago that Proximus would like to transform its offices into a “national network of workspaces”. He sees two options for the headquarters. In the first scenario, Proximus sells its legendary towers and rents 40,000 m² of office space at another location, which is a maximum of 15 minutes’ walk from one of the three major Brussels train stations (north, central, south). It is unlikely that Proximus will leave the Noordwijk. In the second scenario, Proximus concludes a contract with a real estate provider who will redevelop the current location.

The basic office conversion is in line with Proximus’ future strategy “# inspir2022”. The new reality of the Corona year is also causing the company to change its way of working. The tremendous success of teleworking makes Proximus think about its office needs.