January 18, 2021


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Proximus and Orange replace Huawei with Nokia for 5G

Proximus and Orange replace Huawei with Nokia for 5G

Telecommunications companies Proximus and Orange will gradually replace telecommunications equipment from Chinese Huawei in Belgium and Luxembourg with products from Finnish Nokia. Reuters news agency learned this from two different sources.

In the past, Belgium and other European countries have been warned by the US not to do business with Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei to expand 5G. The Americans suspect Huawei of espionage by the Chinese government.

The National Security Council (NVR) had already decided at the end of June to protect the future critical 5G infrastructure in our country. This had to be achieved by “imposing strict security conditions in order to prevent undesired use”, explained the then telecommunications minister Philippe De Backer (Open VLD). Huawei was not mentioned by name at the time.

According to Reuters, Proximus and Orange have now decided to replace Huawei’s telecommunications equipment. The decision was made jointly because the two telecommunications providers share their network.

At Proximus and Orange, no one was available for comment on Thursday evening. Proximus will hold a press conference on its wireless strategy on Friday morning.