October 31, 2020


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Programming NPO Sunday as a sign of racism

Programming NPO Sunday as a sign of racism

Photo: ANP

The NPO is dominated by racism on Sunday. During a special theme day in the Netherlands against racism, the topic will be discussed in various programmes on television, radio and online.

The three NPO channels will broadcast services on racism and the theme will appear in the documentary series Why We Hate and an episode of The Knowledge of Now. For young viewers, NPO Zapp includes an additional programme of the kup Youth News. The radio stations give the theme day in their own way, including special broadcasts and appropriate music.

According to the daily programme, TheOrem of the Netherlands will be shown on Sunday evening on NPO 1, a theme show in which a group of Dutch people, led by Jort Kelder, debate whether racism is polarizing Dutch society.

The election of Kelder as the leader of the talks was met with fierce criticism. According to several activists, the moderator would not be unbiased on the subject and therefore not the right person to have this conversation. However, the NPO remained with Kelder as a talking point. According to the station, he has in the past proved to be “a skilful debate leader with room for all sounds.”

In Amsterdam, a number of anti-racism organisations are organising a meeting on Sunday as an alternative to the debate. At the De Appel Cultural Centre, experts and experts talk about racism and inequality in society. This meeting can be followed via a live stream.