January 19, 2021


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Politicians on Storming the Capitol: How is that possible?

Politicians on Storming the Capitol: How is that possible?

Photo: ANP

Political The Hague looks in astonishment at the complications in the United States with supporters of President Donald Trump invading the Capitol.

“How is it possible. As an election observer, you fear this in banana republics…. Unknown by. # Trump”, CDA MP Madeleine van Toorenburg tweeted. Democracy is vulnerable, “said Sven Koopmans, foreign VVD spokesman.

“Unprecedented images. Congressmen are hiding under their benches, the vice president has been evacuated and security forces are on their way to the government buildings, ”said MP Henk Krol, who previously stated that there were too few police officers to stop the demonstrators.

The party chairman of the ChristenUnie Gert-Jan Segers replied: “What a dramatic day for this beautiful country, which has so often been a beacon of freedom and democracy for so many people around the world. And are we going to be a little careful with our democracy here? And each other, even if we sometimes contradict each other enormously? “

“This is a shame for democracy because the United States and Trump should be ashamed,” said THINK party leader Farid Azarkan. “It’s getting worse and worse,” said SP MP Sadet Karabulut. “Trump gave the cross and an excited crowd is launching the attack.”

“Today is a reminder that democracy is vulnerable,” says Jesse Klaver, chairman of GroenLinks. “How important it is to resolve disagreements peacefully. That it is up to all of us to defend democratic ideals against lies, hatred and conspiracy. “

PVV boss Geert Wilders speaks of “shocking images” from Washington. America is freedom and democracy will always prevail. And the result of democratic elections must always be respected, whether you win or lose. “

FVD boss Thierry Baudet stands up for Trump. He retweeted a message from 2016 reflecting on Trump as the leader of the western world. He also expressed appreciation for a message in which Trump urged supporters to keep the protests peaceful. He has since deleted both messages.