October 23, 2020


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“Police kill black men ten times in Louisiana” | Abroad

"Police kill black men ten times in Louisiana" | Abroad

The police refused to say how many bullets were fired. Local American media reported ten shots. Ben Crump, the victim’s family lawyer, calls for a full resolution of the “careless shooting and tragic death of the man”. He believes the police officers responsible should be fired on the spot. “Treyford was surrounded by officers and was hit more than ten times.”

Crump distributed a video on Twitter allegedly witnessing the situation. It shows that a black man is slowly walking away from the police. As he approaches the entrance of a gas station, he is shot several times and at close range.

George Floyd

There have been massive protests against racism and police violence in the US since the end of May. The death of the unarmed African American George Floyd was caused by brutal police operations in Minneapolis. Crump then helped the next of kin as well.