January 25, 2021


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Platform Housing Starter appeals to politics money

Platform Housing Starter appeals to politics money

The platform primarily identifies problems, more than solutions. For example the fact that students can get a lower mortgage on a student loan. “A solution is needed that no longer puts starters at a disadvantage,” says the platform’s website, an initiative by the Dutch municipal stimulation fund, including Vereniging Eigen Huis, De Hypothekekshop and VNG.

Most “solutions” accelerate the construction of new houses. Attention is also drawn to the problem that it is difficult for beginners to finance the additional costs. These are usually 4 to 5% of the purchase price. “Let’s not turn a blind eye and find a solution, a construction or possibly a subsidy.”

It is also suggested that the elderly should be made more attractive to live smaller so that starters can move into the vacant homes. It also calls for a solution to the phenomenon that many young people cannot get a mortgage even though they have a rented house for which the monthly cost is much higher. This could be resolved with a rental slip that shows what they can pay for mortgage payments now and in the future.