October 30, 2020


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“Pigs gasp for air, despite new regulations for cattle transport”

"Pigs gasp for air, despite new regulations for cattle transport"

Photo: ANP

According to Animal Rights, pigs still suffer from heat stress despite new regulations for moving animals in extreme temperatures. The animal welfare organization published sad pictures of pigs in transport vehicles on Thursday, gasping for air with their jaws wide open. According to the organization, the pictures were taken on Wednesday at the pig slaughterhouse Vion in Boxtel.

“It is clear that the heat protocol in its current form does nothing for the animals. The limit of 35 degrees above which cattle transports have to be legally ceased this year is far too high for pigs. Pigs are already extremely hot at 25 degrees, ”says Erwin Vermeulen, campaign manager at Animal Rights.

The pictures show four trucks with overheated pigs waiting under an animal shelter. According to Animal Rights, trucks were waiting here and there in the blazing sun in the industrial area. Fans have been installed on the roof where the drivers can wait to keep the pigs cool. At the current high temperatures, however, these are pointless, according to Vermeulen.

The animal activist wants the limit for livestock transport to be lowered to 25 degrees. “Difficult for the industry, but if you have an animal welfare law it has to be effective.”