January 23, 2021


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Peter R. de Vries: The threat came to us first

Peter R. de Vries: The threat came to us first

Photo: ANP

The threat to the lawyers of key witness Nabil B. and his confidante Peter R. de Vries first crossed their minds. About 2.5 months ago. That said Peter R. de Vries, also a crime reporter, on Friday in the television program BEAU.

“I can’t say how or what, but this story came to us. We found it angry and serious. We informed the relevant authorities about it and said: take a look at this. “

The lawyers and De Vries later heard from NCTV that the information received could be confirmed. “But if you ask them exactly how it works, you won’t hear anything,” De Vries said of NCTV.

He calls this an “imperfection”. “We’re not environmental villains. There are two professional secret attorneys and I hacked with that ax for forty years. Then you can’t say it; We will not inform you. “

A conversation that Peter R. de Vries and the two lawyers Peter Schouten and Onno de Jong had with NCTV had a “spicy, argumentative” atmosphere, said De Vries.

Earlier on Friday, De kup reported that the lawyers and De Vries are at risk due to their role in the Marengo trial against Ridouan Taghi, who, according to OM, are part of the mocro mafia.