January 16, 2021


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“Paying to save is getting closer” | money

"Paying to save is getting closer" | money

This emerges from an overview by the research agency MoneyView.

The variable interest rate rose in the third quarter of 2020 on two Dutch savings accounts, both from ABN Amro subsidiary Moneyou, according to the research company. The savings rates for other products remained the same or decreased. The highest interest you can still get on a savings account is 0.5%, whereby the Estonian bank Bigbank saves flexibly.

Dutch savers with large assets in the bank have to deal with negative interest rates, depending on the bank. As a saver, you no longer receive any interest on 7 of the 43 savings accounts. “Paying in order to be able to save is getting closer,” concludes the research company.


As a consumer abroad, should you be looking for the savings account with the highest return? “If you want to generate a return, you are simply not in the right place to save,” says financial planner Fleur Kroonbergs.