January 19, 2021


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Paris: Britain really needs to negotiate

Paris: Britain really needs to negotiate

Photo: ANP

The UK must be ready to “really negotiate” a Brexit deal with the European Union as time is running out for a trade deal. So said a spokesman for the office of French President Emmanuel Macron.

According to Paris, it is imperative that the British make their position very clear now in these trade talks. The EU has its own interests to fight, for example fair competition for its companies and fishermen, said the spokesman. “We will not accept inferior business that does not respect our own interests,” said the French President’s office.

The UK officially left the EU earlier this year, but the transition year won’t change anything until January 1st. Negotiations on a trade agreement between London and Brussels have still not produced a final result. This week, the latest topics, particularly fishing rights in UK waters, should be agreed upon to avoid the two separating in the event of a divorce.