October 28, 2020


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P.C. Hooft Prize 2020 awarded to Maxim February

P.C. Hooft Prize 2020 awarded to Maxim February

Photo: ANP

“I’m grateful to the warm, living crap of the arts.” With these words, uttered at the Diligentia theater in The Hague, Maxim February hosted the P.C. Received Hooft Prize 2020 for Contemplative Prose. An amount of 60,000 euros is associated with the prize.

“Today I am grateful for everything at once. Grateful for writing and living. Thankful that literature is something between people, that the literary work of so many beloved writers ferments, curdles and bubbles in my head, that my work in turn rots and forms in the minds of an individual, that we all read, nourish and fertilize one another Said the 57-year-old author.

February, philosopher, lawyer, writer and columnist, is best known for the books Klont and De Maakbare Mann, Notes on Transsexuality.

According to the jury, the February style creates “an effective barrier against unambiguity, security and unshakable law”.

The prize was awarded in December 2019. The prestigious award was due to be awarded in May, but the festive presentation was delayed due to the corona measures. It could be followed online on Thursday evening via literaturemuseum.nl.

The renowned prize has been awarded annually for prose, essay and poetry since 1947.